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We love sharing information and tips which will help you in your Career Change or job search.  Blogs are written either by Denise or guest bloggers who are well qualfied in the world of career management.

Does Your Team Have a Culture of Trust?

Does your organisation have a culture of distrust which stops team members contributing with ideas , participating widely and openly sharing feedback.


Are you Optimising your Summer Job hunting?

During Summer the UK generally relaxes and simultaneously I see career changers often move into a lower gear – when in fact it’s a great time to accelerate your job search and get ahead of the curve by the opportunity to get ahead of the curve ready for September!


Leadership Coaching – A strategy for creating a positive business impact.

Leadership coaching has emerged as a powerful approach to developing effective leaders and creating high-performance cultures within organisations. In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, I see leaders caught up in fire-fighting mode, leaving too little time for strategic thinking and planning.


“Creating & Developing an Effective,Productive & Happy Virtual team”

It is widely accepted that virtual work offers a liberating and flexible environment that empowers individuals to work in ways that suit their preferences and needs. The freedom to work from any location fosters a sense of trust and autonomy, empowering most individuals to take ownership of their responsibilities and deliverables, however this also creates more multi-cultural teams, time zone issues and the simple challenge of finding a time to suit everyone when they are most alert can be a block to success.