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I made the decision to write a career journal so that you have well thought out and considered steps to getting momentum and purpose in your career. There are loads of great books on job hunting and career change - but they are not about ‘you’!

This journal is called “Would you put a stamp on it” because of the onslaught of online applications recruiters receive with people applying to jobs on a ‘just-in-case’ and often lethargic way. If, like we did when I first began working in talent management you had to find a job advert in a newspaper, type a cv and print it and then walk to a post box with it you were intentional and strategic. Online has changed all of that and now recruiters are frequently swamped with ill-advised applications - use this journal to really decide if a role is right for you; do the exercises and write non-stop! Then message me to know how you get on with your very own 'Project You'.

What Our Clients Say

Best advice

"Denise's knowledge of recruitment & passion to help people makes her the very best person to go for advice. She has helped me change jobs twice, including a whole industry change and is always happy to help me handle difficult situations."

Jo Knowler


"Denise will consult with you re your employment options, generate ideas, encourage and support, offer application advice and feedback, interview advice and feedback and make you feel supported with your career journey.”

Lucy Roller

Positive experience

Denise was recommended to help me in my job search. Her diligence in understanding both client and candidate requirements is refreshing, seeking to ensure a good match. Her personable approach and regular contact made the interaction a positive experience.

Hilary Pearl

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